Sunday, March 25, 2012


As a complement to my buddy 
FCC's post, i just wanted to share that little gem found here in the bay area: real gaucho boots .These beauties were found at the estate of a 20's local socialite, along with original dead stock gaucho pants that'll feature soon.

The latin lover character,or should i say stereotype , was in vogue in the early 20's, with actor such as Valentino the epitome of the genre that would provide employment for several emerging Latino and sometimes non-Latino actors, in decades to come.Valentino put it on the map with a movie called :"a sainted devil" where he portrays a tango dancing gaucho.Perhaps because it was considered a commercial flop,nothing really survived of that movie,but some production shots for us to enjoy ..... 

Back to the boots....Needless to say that,that kind of attention to details and level of craftsmanship, will be almost impossible to duplicate nowadays ,at least at an affordable price .Check the notched heel to accommodate the spurs,and X crossed stitching on the pleats....literally insane


  1. Je n'avais encore jamais vu du cuir travaillé en "soufflet". Très belles pièces en effet. Bien vu, ça va plaire à Arnaud :)

  2. c'est du grand art de bottier .....tu vas voire les futals sont travailles de la meme façon tout a la main,un truc de fou .....

  3. SUPERBES… Y a pas d'autres mots…

  4. Thank you for posting pictures of these unbelievable boots.

    As someone who does leatherwork, these are pure inspiration, and yeah, the craftsmanship can't be surpassed nowadays.

  5. The notched heel is VERY common on riding boots from South Mexico on down.
    The folds, or pleats, are done with a pattern and a sewing machine is used, than the thing is put in the wooden thing called a "former" and tank of water.
    You have this large screw you turn every so many minutes or so, and after about a day, you take it out to dry, you have to do it slowly or the former leaves marks.
    Once the former is released, string is tied around the boot to keep it scrunched down as it dries.
    Once dried, the whole boot gets treated with some sort of oil and than polished.


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