Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today's post is about another hunting vest from around the same period and similar in look as the one featured earlier.

The Hinson mfg co. was founded in the 20's by a Tennessean named Clyde Shelton Hinson. It's around 1925,that Clyde moved to Waterloo Iowa where he started his manufacturing business that ,at some point, employed over 300 people .Hinson Manufacturing products ranged from your basic hunting gears,to rubber crafts and even seat belts for the automobile industry.The company seems to disappear from the charts in the late 60's ....
The tag on this vest,is the early version and can be seen on garments up to the 30's.Later ,in the 40's,it was changed to "Hinson bodyguard" and featured the Irish setter mascot. The fit is slimmer and longer than the Hettrick and has the very desirable early United.Carr fasteners for closure.
Contrary to a popular belief,this type of fastener were invented way before the 40's,in fact,1912 was when Fred S. Carr founded the Carr Fastener Company in Mass. A carriage maker by trade, he developed a concept for making fasteners to attached canvas to his carriages. They became known as "Dot" fasteners.
In 1929, the Carr Fastener Company merged with a competitor to become United-Carr and shortly thereafter the success of United-Carr was assured. 
During World War II, the plant was manufacturing mostly aircraft products and by 1945, 45 per cent of the Cambridge plant's output was for the airplane industry.....
United Carr was acquired by TRW Corporation in 1969....


  1. Hi Patrick, I'm very curious to know, where you find the information on these old companies?

    As always, thank you for sharing, I live to read stories like this and see products like this one.

    Where the hell did we go wrong? :-)

    Best regards Simon

  2. thx a lot Simon i must admit ,live to read comments like yours. well!!! it's all about time and research i must say .... sometimes it's challenging when hardly any info pops up.
    when i started Riveted a little over two years ago now ,it was because i wanted to improve my writing skills [if any]but mostly because i was tired of these multiple blogs on vintage,empty of any content and just doing the "drag&drop" kinda post, mostly feeding on ebay or on each takes time to do post ,so that's why i'm pissed,when people use my pics as their own ,without any thx or at least a "courtesy plug" for my blog .thx for following i really appreciate .......

  3. Hi Patrick, need some help and you are quite the expert. I found a pair of Hinson Bodyguard pants at a discount retail store. I could tell that they were quality pants and loved the look/feel of them so I decided to do some online research. I hit a big dead end except for your blog! Is this label still being manufactured by another company? These pants are in brand new/never worn condition except for a missing button for the suspenders. I just can't believe that these pants are vintage as I bought them off the rack as new in West Virginia. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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