Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Is copying a form a flattery !?? really !!?.... fuck that !! i was ready to launch a new run of shirts for this summer, but frankly i'm pissed and it doesn't encourage me to produced the new designs i have in store . Many thx to the "designing" team at CUSHMAN or should i say DOUCHEMAN !? Japan for their lack of imagination. 


  1. Rhooooololololololo décidement tout le monde y passe en ce moment! Vraiment désolée pour toi :/

  2. Same thing happened with the Warpath logo and RRL. That's total shit!

  3. Do it anyway- Japanese stuff is always twice of three times anywhere else and difficult to communicate about size and shipping. Just make sure yours are better, which i'm sure thy will be.

  4. I didn't see that one coming... Damn. That's a fucking shitty situation, man. Sorry to see this happening to you.

    I would also say, take a deep breath, and do your run regardless of this. You can't protect yourself against it anyways.

    All the best.

  5. Fuck them! I ran into the same shit with some Brooklyn fellows and a deep sea diver shirt run last year. After alot of emails it ended up that we both found and worked from the same source image and we were just on the same wavelength. But this is different. you obviously got hi jacked. Just start sewing in a MADE IN THE USA tag. squash them!


  6. Well i am a fan of your work, and this sort of thing makes me fucking sick!!! just came back from Tokyo, saw a hell of alot of this copycat bullshit man.
    It's sad.

    There's inspiration then theres fucking DUPLICATION!! right??

    Best revenge is getting your line out and embarrassing them by showing them how it's done!!!

  7. thx to all of you for your support ......new stuff is coming for sure before summer .....i'll keep you all posted on RIVETED .and again thx for supporting my modest blog and work


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