Thursday, May 24, 2012


For some strange reasons ,the little post i made last memorial day week,about one of my personal heroes Capa ,became in a year the most watched ever on RIVETED.Nothing special there,just an homage, a little blab about the great Capa.But there's not a day without someone checking it .Over 3,500 hits to date. so i've decided to do a follow up and plug my new favorite book about Mr Capa,it covers his Paris years .this book is packed with rare pictures and i strongly recommend it for any fan of the great photographer....

 As the 2 French authors:Bernard Lebrun and Michel Lefebvre acknowledge,  Richard Whelan published so far, the best biography of Capa that will surely be difficult to improve.That's why, they have decided to focus on the lesser known part of Capa's life his formative years in Paris. From 1933 to 1954, Capa used Paris as a global platform for his photography. The French capital was in a state of artistic and political ferment.It was here that artistically ,some say ,"Capa was born.”

Among the most known photographs of the Second World War taken by Capa is one an American soldier in the surf during the Allied invasion on the Normandy coast in June 1944. Five years ago, the soldier was finally identified: Private First Class Huston Riley. When he was asked about the picture, the veteran replied that he still wonders what that “crazy photographer” was doing in that hell of a place.That crazy photographer was Robert Capa, who earned is reputation as the greatest war photographer.

“If your picture isn’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” Robert Capa. ....


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