Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Straight from the vault ,this decorated 8th AAF M-41 jacket .It's in rough condition with multiple stains and field repairs but i must admit that's why i love it ....

What's known nowadays as the "M-41 jacket" by collectors and enthusiast alike, was actually labeled and called :"Jacket, Field, OD " by the QMC back in ww2.
The M-1943 parka,that replaced this model,was in fact the first to be named by its year of adoption.The" M-1941" Field jacket, is also called Parson's jacket ,named after its designer Major General J.K. Parsons who designed it in 1936.
Made of khaki cotton/poplin with an olive flannel/wool lining,its construction is an overall a take on a civilian belted back windbreaker . It had a Talon zipper, covered by a buttoned fly up the front. The collar and wrists had button tabs as did the waist. A large pleated back [action back] make it an easy and comfy fit. The first 1936 pattern had buttoned pocket flaps, a plain back and lacked the shoulder epaulettes ,both standard on the second pattern" M41" which became the standard ww2 production model.
The "M-1941 was widely worn during the war,but was found to be too light for severe cold conditions, too hot for summer and too fragile .Most of all,it didn't have good cargo capacity,these factors eventually led to the M-1943 design.The M-41 was issued to the end of the stocks and is even seen on the back of marines in the pacific.The M-1943 Field Jacket became the standard issue up to its replacement in 1951....


  1. Infernal beauty! It´s your nose art?

  2. talking about nose art i've researched the name and was not able to find it on any 8th aaf book i've got .still looking ,but it can aslo be the guy's nickname .this one is an original ,but i've copied the motif, transformed it,as i want to use it for the next batch of tshirt i'll do for summer


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