Thursday, May 31, 2012


Kinda tired of over used and abused "magic words" on ebay that are supposed to attract a potential buyer.It seems that over the last year or so ,everything is either : rare, ww2 or from the 30's ....Lately i've seen scores of USN uniforms misrepresented or posted as rare, regulation sailor's blue wool pants being one of them.Sailor's pants from ww2 are far from rare and a ww2 USN uniform,is probably the easiest uniform to complete if you're a new comer to the militaria hobby .Only the size is an issue and finding a size above 32 ,such as the one presented today ,can be tricky indeed but not impossible.So today i've decided to show all the details one should look for when looking for a ww2 regulation pair of blue wool pants.Nothing more ,nothing less....

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