Wednesday, June 12, 2013


typical P41 pocket with stenciled EGA...

the ww2 P41 pockets are squared compared to the post war/Korean war issued aka P47

another easy way to spot a P41 from afar is its Khaki colored thread

on the right, the early war brass button . the painted black steel buttons ,on the left,are commonly seen  on later models and also on the P44 model...

Today's post will feature the iconic USMC HBT sage green jacket/shirt .I won't spend too much time telling you the history of the item,as numerous forums and blogs have already done the job,i'll just do a 3 parts kinda "photo essay" just to display the fundamental differences between the models .

In 1941 ,before the US officially entered the war, the U.S. Marine Corps introduced their HBT uniform,initially intended as a fatigue uniform to be worn on work and training duties,it quickly became their main combat uniform. during the early Pacific battles,like Guadalcanal and on early Marine Raiders,it's not uncommon to see pictures of Marines wearing Army HBT even khakis. It's really by 43 that the sage green utilities became such an unmistakable signature look for the Marines. In 1944, along a newly designed set of utilities, a fatigue cap was introduced. By summer 1945, both patterns could be seen on the Pacific's battle fields....


  1. Necesito unos pantalones de ese uniforme ya!! Creo que son una prenda genial para vestir


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