Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The part2 of the WW2 USMC sage green utilities  saga ,showcases today the P44 jacket/shirt . Even if first introduced in 1944 ,it's really by the summer of 45 that these utilities can be seen on the Pacific's battle fields.Rarely seen on period photograph,that might explain why few collectors are into them...

P44 jacket with cap

large chest pocket stenciled with the iconic  EGA  logo

Rare example with factory riveted "econo" steel buttons instead of the usual USMC marked ones .Was done by only one manufacturer to finish off a contract .....[sorry forgot his name] 

Often removed anti gas flap

One of two cargo pockets originally intended to accommodate large inflatable flotation bladders  for amphibious operations 


  1. Great Stuff as usual, love the stencilled cap as well, nice set Patrick. Besides the peak shape was there differences in the caps styles as well? Some photos they look quite close and on other period shots the caps seem fuller with perhaps an open pleat rather than a stitched down pleat making them even more similar to an engineers cap? Can you shed some light? Another post maybe?

  2. ok PAPA i'll do a post showing the 2 types of hats after


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