Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This final chapter of the hbt USMC ww2 utilities saga,takes us to a P41/P47 model comparison. After the war,even if stocks of the former models were plentiful,the marines decided to go back to their most popular design:the iconic p41.It is believed that it was around 1947 that the newly manufactured  hbt jackets were issued . Since then ,they have been mistaken ,or pasted for ,their ww2 are some pictures,that i hope will be helpful to new collectors.....

Two P47 jackets side by side

OD green stitching,rounder pocket and crude EGA,are a clear giveaway  

On the left :ww2 P41 with its khaki thread and square pockets .on the right :P47 with OD green thread and round pockets

Not a rule here, but most of the early ww2 EGA stenciled i've seen over the years,are clearly more detailed

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