Wednesday, October 15, 2014


A little over a month ago,The PAPA got in touch with me ,asking if i was interested in putting the "RIVETED" touch on one of his products: the Corsair cap .First, i didn't really know how to approach this "informal collab. ,as it's already the perfect cap .Then by looking at PAPA's red cross convoy beanie, thought about a plausible link between the two and then,thought about creating what could have been :a CORPSMAN'S CORSAIR CAP . 
so i took one of the caps PAPA sent me and went "Hollywood" on it for an entire day to emulate the:"been there done that" look of a movie prop.
After putting my own PAPA UNIS marking on one side,i recreated what was an early war corpsman helmet marking :an off centered small red cross over a white disc .....
Photographic evidence shows that early in WWII, some corpsmen wore helmets with a small red cross inside a small white circle.But they started to be constantly targeted by Japanese snipers ,so,In order to reduce their visibility and conceal their trade from the enemy, Navy Corpsmen switched to smaller less visible markings a stenciled  white discs on helmets (front & rear) HBT uniform's top of shoulders, sleeves and bottoms of trousers. this practice was apparently not followed for equipment …

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