Thursday, September 3, 2009


Under,the earliest example i've found in an old 1919 Montgomery Ward catalogue.Above another example but 25 years later from Sears in 1944.Same great hat but for 12c more........scandalous !!
my railroader displayed on my old wabash loco jacket.....

The railroader's hat has been a staple of the american clothing industry for almost 90 years .Traces of it can be found as far as 1919,featured in the pages of catalogues such as Montgomery Ward and Sears.The hat hasn't changed over the years and was originally mad of solid or plaided Melton wool,even canvas sometimes.the legend says that a railroad engineer and former baseball player,by the name of "stormy" Kromer,came up with the idea/design. Tired of loosing his hats while in the open cockpit of his locomotive,Stormy asked his wife to modify one of his old baseball hats by sewing ear flaps .The "stromy kromer" was born .It's a perfect and versatile hat. Looking great with either a mackinaw coat, a leather jacket or chore jacket . Today the Stormy Kromer is still made true to its original design ,continuing to protect all those who wear one ......

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