Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A small variety of the most popular fabrics available by the yard at your local "dry goods store" back in the days ....
"The fabrics of our lifes".From left to right:Herringbone twill ,Wabash Stifel stripes,stripped twill and standard 8oz denim.Some are 70 years old .

Over years of collecting,i've often came across "period" fabric samples.They sometimes came by the bulk,if lucky,but more commonly by small swatches .whenever possible,i've always tried to get them,as they might come handy when one wants to repair dungarees ,a shirt or just a beaten up pair of overalls.Even if denim has always been people's #1 choice,work clothes manufacturers,have since the beginning,tried to attract more costumers by expending their line and bringing a wider choice and variety of fabrics to their products.It was most definitely the way to go. Along the way,they were creating trends in the industry.Hickory stripes ,wabash Stifel stripes,duck canvas, black twill ...Were among people's favorites      

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