Wednesday, September 2, 2009


An ad from HUNTING ANNUAL dating from 1956.A glod mine for vintage clothing enthusiasts. Packed with great ads and pictures for references on period brands.....
A close up reveals a little trick i've learned from a ww2 vet.A knot in the middle of your laces will keep them even for ever and save you time.You won't have to "aline" them ever again ........

I'm please to see,that some of the best American brands,are back on the map and a new generation of enthusiasts is enjoying and praising them....RED WING is one of them and easier to get nowadays then few years back.As it's one of my favorite brand too,i've decided to pay my respects to"Ol' faithful" pair of RED WING boots.I've bought them 20 years ago from a dead stock dating from the 60's.Rain ,snow,mud,you name it.They've seen it all .I just use a brush and mink oil to keep them "afloat"that's all. Still got a lot of life in them .Another 10 years perhaps!!? 

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